I recently picked up a Mesa F-50 and am just wondering if everyone else has noticed a really sharp high end especially on the clean channel
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
I own the F-50 head, and I would say just the opposite. Maybe its the speaker that comes stock with the combo, or maybe its a bad preamp tube.

I would however say that on the distortion channel with contour presents a sharp high end to me.
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Not to ask a dumb question but do you have the bright switch off? (if your not aware is the pull/push function on the gain knob) If you haven't had the amp for long you may not have noticed it.
-old/damaged tubes can largely impact the high or low end?
-that tape idea is interesting I'll try it out!
-and I am aware of it and I do usually use it because my humbuckers can make it sound pretty dry without I think it was still pretty sharp even with out the bright switch though