Hey Guys,

I'm a huge Camel fan, and I'm always delighted to see a new tab of theirs on this site. There are so many of their songs that I'd like to play, but, unfortunately, learning them by ear is difficult for me, because, basically, I can pick out the bass, some string sections, and the Horn, hah. But, every other instrument is a disaster. As such, I would like to kindly request, if anyone is willing and/or shares the same zeal for this band as I do, to tab some of their songs... any one of them really, but I'll list five of the ones I would most like to be able to play.

"Vopos" from their album Stationary Traveler
"West Berlin" from their album Stationary Travler
"Coming of Age" from their album Nude.
"First Light" from their album Rain Dances.
"Lost and Found" from their album Rajaz

Any help would be well appreciated!

Thanks UG Community