So, I'm a kid who was really sheltered for most of his life. Didn't really do much of anything in my younger life (that is, high school). I've just recently (in my Freshman year of College) gotten into drug and other parts of youth culture a little and found it awesome. I do not, however, know how to enter sexual culture appropriately. How do I get in a relationship, should I worry about relationships, if I choose not to worry about relationships should I worry about stds, if so how should i be careful, all those kinda questions. I know it seems a little odd, but I wanna figure all this stuff out.

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Yeah, troll. If not, see relationship thread and sex thread.
I can tell you for a fact you're going in a much better direction in life than you were before.
Without a doubt.

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this has to be the single most adorable thing ive ever seen in the pit. and i dont mean that to be condescending at all if you choose to take it that way.
You will become socially acceptable only after you sexually assault the nearest elementary school kid you see.

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don't go into life actively seeking sex or a relationship. just do the things you enjoy and let those come to you. fretting about being single is awful for the psyche.


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