Here's a cover of one of my favorite songs off GN'R's "Appetite For Destruction". This is the first video I made using my new amp, a Peavey Triple XXX. For those who want to know I used ProCo Rat pedal for solo boosts but other than that it's straight into the amp.

So tell me what ya think and if you enjoyed this video please check out my other covers and subscribe to my channel!

Will C4C http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgQxBbQCYiE

Thanks \m/

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Digging it, the tone was very nice too! Actually this is one of the better AFD covers I have seen on here man. The first solo was spot on, I'm gonna give it a 10/10 not even being generous. You threw in the god damn Signature Slash Push-The-Body-Down bend! haha good stuff!
LOL, haha yeah, gotta love that neck bending. :P Thanks for the comments dude! \m/
If you got time to kill check out my other vids I think you'll enjoy em.