Oppression running rampant in the homeland,
the waters of tyranny are washing up onto the land,
the powers of evil were constructed by her hand,
her cold ways have drivin me from my place,

Will I give? will I hold?
can I continue or will i fold,
Will I give in? will I hold on?
will I be left out in the cold?

On what basis do you hold your claim?
you know it in your heart things will never be the same,

There are too many mountains in this desert to find the oasis,

Although not through ideal conditions,
I have finally escaped out of your black hole.
I think its pretty good but am slightly unsure of how it goes in the final 3 sections

Looks like it would make an interesting soundin song though.
has someone been listening to the resistance by muse lately lol - having said that I can also see iron maiden a bit =P

some good imagery - chorus has a nice ring to it - simplistic statements work well with this sort of style
i agree with Pwallop on not knowing where to go with the three things at the bottom - are they thoughts of other things you like to bring in? if so I'm not sure black hole fits in with the verse you have at the start which seams to be trying to get people to feel like your fighting for there homes.
but yeah this is staring well and could be a real (does earcatcher work as a phrase?) or at least play into the imagination of the listener which is how songs like knights of Cydonia and Prophets of war work so well live.
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