How does the randall v2 compare against amps such as the duel rectifier, peavey 5150 and other amps like those
It keels over and dies compared to the Dual Rectifier.
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The normal V2 doesn't stand up to the recto though if you had the V2 Ninja it kill the recto and 5150 in one fell swoop.
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I have a V2 and I really like it...however, your comparison is pointless. I got my V2 for about £650-£700 I think and a dual recto costs £2k, it's not a fair fight. It's like me comparing my Seat Ibiza to a Porsche, sure I love my Seat, but if someone offered me a straight swap I would take it without hesitation!

Oh and there is very little difference between the regular and the Ninja...the ninja has a bit more gain and smoother highs. Apart from that it's just a case of better stock valves and cosmetics.
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If you're going to be playing in the bedroom mostly, you'd probably better off with the Randall because it's mostly solid state. I suppose the type of music you play will also influence your decision.
no its staying in the practice space.
but i compared them because on the mesa's that i played i loved the rhythm tone but the lead was lacking and i was wondering if the lead on the v2 was worth it