This is my band, The Devils of Loudun, and i suppose were a melodic death metal band (although some may classify us as metalcore or whatever). I am the lead song writer for the band but i am not the actual lead guitarist, as my guitar partner writes and plays all the solos. We have been around for enough time to get fairly well established in the Tacoma/Seattle area (I think). Eitherway curious to what people think of it and thanks for listening!
Feel free to ask any questions or give critical feedback
Sounds great man! I'm hearing a lot of Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder in the vocals too. I like it.
Thanks man, yea were all pretty big fans of Black Dahlia Murder. I checked out your band too, pretty sick stuff. Could hear a hint of black metal type stuff in there. Your singer actually reminded me a bit of our guy, which is pretty sweet lol