So I've all but decided i'm going to get a Vox AC15C1 (the one with the greenback, not the Custom Classic), but I still have a few questions about it. The reason for getting it is that the commonly suggested alternatives like Hot Rod Deville and Mesa Transatlantic are all around double the price of it here (New Zealand).

I play with a Brian May Guitar.

1 - Will it be able to get a nice classic rock overdrive without a pedal, or at least not needing to be fully cranked?

2 - Is it plenty loud enough to play in a band situation without mic-ing it up?

3 - How heavy can it get? Like, would I be able to get a Black Sabbath tone with the right pedals?

4 - Is it playable at bedroom levels or is that wasting it? I'm not in an apartment or anything so I don't need super super quiet, just not at full blast all the time.

1. I had an AC15CC1, you could get a light classic rock sound (possibly need a boost)

2. Yes it should be loud enough to play with a band.

3. You would definately need a boost pedal to get a Sabbath tone.

4. Yes it is definately playable at bedroom level.

Oh and just in case the AC15 isn't just a small AC30, they are completely different tone wise. If you can afford it I would recommend the AC30 instead of the AC15
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Yeah, i've been considering getting the AC30 over the AC15. Apparently its freaking loud though, so does that mean it wouldn't be great in the bedroom? (... hehe)