Well I've got a bit of a problem and not too sure how to fix it so maybe you guys can help

My pedal board consists of a: Boss Dyna Drive -> Ibanez Soundtank distortion -> Ibanez Delay -> Boss Phase Shifter -> Boss Chorus Ensemble. They are all powered by a nine volt adapter plugged into a daisy chain. They always work fine at home and at band practice but twice now, when I've plugged them in at a gig they haven't worked. The lights come on if i press them down so they're getting power but i cant get any signal to the amp.

Any ideas?
Cheers guys
Have you checked your leads, if so, you could always test the pedals individually.

E.g. Guitar ->Pedal->Amp
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My guess is that the combined draw of all the pedals is much higher than the current available at the outlet.

Power points at typical gig locations (like clubs etc) are known for having lowered power levels due to number of things drawing power at a location. I suggest getting a second adaptor and seeing if that will power your half your pedals.

I'm guessing that if you throw in another pedal into your signal path, you won't get any sound at home either.

Also chorus and delays also typically will draw more power than ODs (especially digital ones)... I'm guessing if you remove one you don't use a lot, you might be able to get a sound from one 9V adaptor.
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