Hi guys, so im new in the forum and i was thinking about buying a valve amplifier...i am looking for some of those and i found the valveking or vk112 by peavey, it costs only 395€, and i am wondering if it's worth the price...thanks
Personally I like the Valveking, and it's really good as first valve amp 'cause of the low price! But I would rather save a little bit more money and get the 212 instead =)
yes, and about that...the speaker, which 12inch speaker should i have put in it? And what would be the price for that specific speaker

And about the 212, it's easy to say so, but i dont ave a fixed money income every month (im underaged) so i am working in the summer...also...i will be having the valveking to practice only, and i believe it's a waste to buy the 212 version
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Considering you're in Europe, that's really overpriced for the VK. You can do better. What styles of music do you play?
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