Hi everyone!

I just got a Marshall Silver Jubilee 2553 with a matching 2x12 cabinet and it is awsome.

Does anyone know how many of those were produced. I know they are limited edition but I dont know how many.

I think the Silver Jubilee was only manufacturered in 1987.
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1987 to 1990

From Dr Tube:

To celebrate 25 years of Marshall amps and for Jim Marshall being in rock 'n roll for 50 years, the Silver Jubilee amps were introduced in 1987. This explains the model number 2550 (25/50) and name Silver Jubilee (25th Anniversary). The 1987 amps and cabinets were covered with silver vinyl and had chrome silver panels instead of the usual gold brushed aluminium panels. In the following years these amps were manufactured in the normal black vinyl, but the chrome panels stayed.

These amps could be switched to "half" power by switching the output pentodes to triode mode. The type 25/50 is also a reference to this feature. Not many people actually use this "feature" as the sound in triode half power mode isn't as desirable as it is in pentode full power mode.

In 1996 a limited edition (of 3000 amps) Slash Signature of the 2555 amp (and cabinet) was reissued.

There were also silver covered SS "Jubilee" amps as well. Not so desirable.
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