Hello folks,
I am in the process of deciding whether to get a Nova System or a GSP1101. I have read both manuals and they both have all the effects I like, plus the GSP1101 has the amp and cab sims. My problem is that I have not been able to find any demos of the GSP's effects, all the videos out there are demos of the sims. Do you have a link to a demo of the effects?

To give a little background. I am not an expert player by any means, I am just trying to avoid to getting caught in pedal GAS. I play mainly heavy stuff, but sometimes I play mellow stuff. I like humbucker sound, but that is probably because I haven't had the chance to explore single coils yet. I am not going to be gigging with this unit and it will sit in my music room.

Also, please give me your input if you own one of these two units (or both).

Thanks in advance.
What are you trying to achieve with this purchase?

The Digitech has preamp models, whereas the Nova System does not.

Also, buying a multiFX does not prevent you from getting GAS.
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I am trying to get one box that will serve as my one stop for guitar effects. I am aware that I may need a distortion pedal for the Nova System.

You are correct, but the Digitech also has effects. I have not been able to find demos on these, all the demos are for the amp and cab sims, as I mentioned in my original post.

Maybe not, but this route is a lot cheaper that buying all the stomp boxes I could get from the multiFX unit.
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My guitar instructer uses a GSP1101 in his band. It's a nice unit. If you want amp/dist/cab modeling, then it's a good choice. Don't forget to budget a MIDI floorboard.