I have recently bought an rga42. I took the tuning down to drop c and i noticed that there was buzzing when playing a few of the strings around the 5th fret. i took it back to where i got it from and they told me that it needs a higher gauge of strings (they're gonna put 10s on it) and the truss rod would need to be adjusted.

the other guitar i have is an epiphone special and am used to changing the tuning on that even though it has nines, and i have never had a problem with buzzing or anything, the strings are obviously loose but its fine to play.

my question is, is what the guitar shop are saying correct, because i read reviews saying that the quitar was ideal if you change tuning a lot,i took that to mean you can lower and higher the tunings without any adjustments being made, but i'm now being told you can but you cant just lower the tuning without doing some minor adjustment to the truss rod. is this right.
yes the store is correct, the guitar comes factory fitted with 9s and will be setup for 9s, increasing the gauge increases the tension on the neck which is compensated for with the truss rod.

with 9s the strings will be very slack when dropping down two whole tones to C which will result in "buzzing" the higher string gauge reduces the slack feel of the strings (more tension)
thanks for reply

this truss adjustment, is it something thats fairly simple to do?

i generally play stuff in drop c and drop c#. when changing between these tunings would i have to adjust the truss rod every time (which way would it need to be turned) or would the higher string gauge compensate for this???

if you havent already guessed i know very little about the inner workings of a guitar
with .10s it shouldn't warp.

I'd use .11s or .12s for drop C, but then it would be best to keep it low tuned as it could warp your neck slightly.

If you're playing like bendy blues licks stick with a smaller gauge, but if you want chug the thicker strings will be nice.

i generally play a mixture of styles. read lots of posts and people seem to say something different everytime about using either 10s or 11s or 12s. The guitar shop said 10s so i'll just go with them....if its still crap i can blame them
Adjusting the truss rod isn't something you need to do 'every time you change tunings', don't worry. However, if you only change the tunings between DropC and DropC#, it would probably be best to have it set up with .11's or a set that has the top three strings from a .10 pack and the lower three strings from a .11 pack. The .10's will feel great tuned to D, and the lower strings (being a bit thicker) will have enough tension and girth to hold the C/C# well.
it'll still sound good, and play good if they know how to do a good set up.

It's just when you wanna play some heavy stuff it sounds so much fuller with thick strings. I have my Iceman in Drop C with Jazz Wound Dean Markley .12s. It's just the tension is high so it's a bit difficult to do the big bends on some strings.
ok, thanks for the info. i stick with what the shop have suggested and see what it's like. as long as that damn buzzing doesnt come back then i'll be happy