Alright super smart amp design type peoples I got an idea. I've been playing with an old computer monitor and found this. To drive the deflection coils it uses a fricken HUGE transistor (actually, a few fricken huge transistors). Bigger than anything I've seen in a guitar amp. Anyhow, I found a datasheet on a transistor similar to this one (also from a computer monitor) http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/30427/TOSHIBA/2SC5587.html

And as you can see it uses huge powers. 1500v Collector-base voltage!? I imagine that you could make a guitar (and or bass) amp that was massively loud with a few of these puppies. Or would it just not work because the transistor is designed for high speed switching?
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I wouldn't try it... and it's not a physically huge transistor at all, in fact it's a very common dimension.
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Holy crap, check this out!
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Alright, well maybe that's not a particularly good representation of the one I see (its down in the thing, so I can't read the code on it). But it's probably like 1/2 -3/4 of an inch tall.

Don't you think that guitar amp designers will have already scoured the datasheets for the most suitable transistors - I can't imagine many tapping their fingers on the workbench saying "What we need is frickin huge transistor - then we can make this puppy loud"

You're looking at this the wrong way round - you've seen a transistor which you've deemed as potentially suitable cos it's frickin' huge, whereas you need to work out how loud you want your amp & then let that requirement dictate the size of the tranny.
Well I was thinking more along the lines of "can I make this work as an amp" because I love to turn old stuff into new stuff such as telephones into fuzz boxes (already did that) and such. I'm actually thinking that if it's plausible build a PA amp out of this thing, because I need one.
Maybe Or you could just do what everyone else does to be loud.


Looking at the datasheet that you linked, the hfe, or DC current gain is the lowest I've seen in a transistor. That said, not every circuit for guitar related things needs super high gain, low gain is quite good for some things.