so hey guys!

i've recently thougth of may be buying a cheap octaver

ive got RP355 which has got loads of pitch shifting capabilities howver i thought of may be having a separate pedal out there which i can turn on and of whenever i want
i dont want anything fancy! jsut to play some bucketheadish kind of stuf f(i mean the octave thing not whammy) and thought of these guys




any suggestion/comment would be much appreciated

btw i as i said i have RP355 and im using it's distortion so could i stick the octaver before the RP355 right after my wah! would it sound good (i mean is it the usual way of using the pedal??).. cause if it wont work well i won't be buying one: icant stick it after the RP as im using delay and stuff pretty a lot and cant stick it in between the Distoriton and Delay

sorry my grammar.. i aint native english speaker
Make your own... it's not that hard!
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Holy crap, check this out!
I say go with the behringer. I've proven to myself plenty of times that they're good to buy on an extremely low budget and/or if you're not sure how much you're gonna use the effect. Try it and them shell out more money later for a better pedal.