Ok im new to guitar, and im wondering what song's i could play considering i haven't played guitar before. to get my finger technique started. i like songs like bucket head soothsayer and i know that i will not be no were near that level any time soon, so im mainly asking what songs that are cool to play and are easy to learn to get me started please.
Okay, you want shred songs like buckethead... um, yeah, you are going to have to start at the beginning!

What styles (other than shredding) do you like?
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Holy crap, check this out!
i mainly like stuff by nickleback and well mellow rock that is peacefull but sounds awesome. metallica too i also like. i would like to learn songs that will help me with my chording, and shredding abilities.
Judas priest, breaking the law, living after midnight...easy and bad ass. you said you like metallica, so priest isn't too far off.

from metallica, the riffs to enter sandman, seek and destroy, nothing else matters, one and sanitarium
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