As the title says:
I own a Zoom g9.2tt and I was curious if I could record a bass guitar with it without blowing the unit up.
Anyone knows?
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Should work totally fine. It might not sound great, as guitar equipment isnt really designed to handle the low end you want from bass, but it certainly wont damage anything.
You can even run bass guitar through a guitar amp, it just loses a lot of low end. whether you should use a guitar amp all depends what kind of sound you are looking for. its unlikely to damage your speakers unless you really crank it and try to push to much bass through.
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It's just an effects pedal that alters the tone of an instrument so you could use it on anything really. Sure you might not get the best sound with a bass guitar if it was originally manufactured for use with an electric guitar but you never know, experiment and you might get some cool sounds out of it?