Hey guys.

I bought a Ibanez RG 450DX for $225 in pretty good shape, except the Floyd Rose. I ordered a new FR on ebay and will be changing it because it didn't come with the whammy bar and some of the nuts are quite stripped.

I'd like to install some Dimarzio pickups in it, but I don't know much about them. Most of my guitars have Seymour Duncans or EMGs. I just feel like trying some Dimazios this time around.

I have a Mesa Boogie Mark V head and a custom built 2x12 vertical cab (1 Celestion Texas Heat and 1 Celestion Wizard).

I'd like some pickups that will do thrash metal chuggah chuggahs, but also some nice lead tones. Metallica / Anthrax ish.

I'm looking at some D Activors or Super Distortions, but I've never tried them. What's your favorite Dimarzio and what would you recommend based on what I've told you.

PS. The stock pickups are pretty good but I can never get over the compulsion of installing new pickups.

Cheers and thanks.
D Activators are pretty good. But you might also want to check out Crunch Lab or Breed pups..
For leads you can check Evolution or Mo Joes.. Those are few bets I'll say.
Gear pics

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My fav Dimarzio combo is Crunchlab/liquifire, because the bridge is really articulate but huge sounding, and the neck is very warm but harmonics come easily. They're great!
super distortions are pretty good, ive got them in a bc rich gunslinger and although they're best for more hair metal tones i can still get 80s metallica or anthrax tones outta them