Hey guys. I'm doing what many of you do and doing up an a high end Squire as apposed to getting a fender. Despite playing in a punk/hardcore band i want to keep this tele with a real vintage sound but able to still get a little hard when it needs to be (Think Everytime i die).

It's going to be Humbucker in the bridge, single coil in the neck.

I was thinking something like a Seymour Duncan Str-1 for the neck. I'll most likely only use the neck for cleans an possibly the occasional solo but i like my lead stuff to still sound quite raw and dirty.

For the Bridge i haven't really got a clue, i was thinking like possibly Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates or something? I want it too be heavy but not sound 'metal' if that makes sence? Again, just keeping quite vintage sounding.

Sorry for the long post and the awful description, but hopefully you'll get what i mean .
Also, i'm correct in thinking that it's fine put a single coil in a guitar that's routed to have a humbucker in that spot right?

EDIT: Sorry one more thing (Yes, there's more) if possible, i'd like it to be possible for the humbucker to be coil split. However, this isn't majorly important.
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