i like, i do like

at bar 144 onwards i think it sounds better with out the letring

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I loved it. I really did. I don't know if I call it metalcore though, I think it's more on the progressive side of things. My only real complaint is th ebreakdown at 94. Those dissonant notes (I call it the Drop Dead Gorgeous thing, lol) were just really annoying. I think if you have a melody going inbetween the chugs, it would be a lot better. Other than that, really good song!

This is pretty rad. I agree with screamokid, it does remind me of Misery Signals in certain places. Which is awesome.

The only thing I can say is that during the clean section, silence the distortion guitar from bars 122-127. It detracts from the atmosphere. Have that open note fade out gradually instead.

Other than that, everything was ace.
Confused about the A to C tuning for the 5th string. I know you're up an octave, but how could you pull this off playing this song with 2 guitars? Capo for a few seconds on the second fret?
I love the chorus, hate the -core bits, but that's just my taste, they weren't written badly or anything.

I agree with jetfuel on the 122-127 thing, the distortion part really doesn't fit.