Need to get first guitar for jazz though dont know where to start with all gibson, archtops and whatnot for highschool please help around 1000 dollar mark
Schecter Hellraiser.

I'm actually serious. EMG pickups were designed originally for jazz because of the perfectly balanced and clear sound. Unlike blues, jazz does not require a dirty sound which is why the EMG suits the genre so well. The Schecter is a very thick mahogany guitar which will give you a beautiful resonance.
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You can play jazz with any guitar; it depends on what you want to sound like.

This. If you play with an amp, adjust the tone to make it sound warm. There are alot of videos and lessons on the internet that teach how to do this.
Someone asked this the other day, (except their limit was 500) and the bulk of the suggestions were Ibanez and Epiphone Archtops. The classic jazz archtop is the Gibson ES-175, however they cost a hell of a lot, but Epiphone make a far cheaper copy of that which is supposed to be decent.

Many jazz guitarists in the later half of the 1900's used solid body instruments though, some going so far as using Headless Steinbergers made of carbon with little or no body to the instrument (ie Allan Holdsworth). Stratocasters and Les Pauls are popular amongst solidbody jazz players, so maybe look into those. Much more of Jazz comes from your hands IMO, along with the way you use your tone knob, EQ and pickups.
I've got an Ibanez SV5470 which is GREAT for jazz tones. I think any guitar should be able to get the sound though, it's all on your hands and setting the tones just right on the amp and guitar.
I use an Ibanez artcore for jazz, mind you I use it for most things, but it really is a great Jazz guitar.
Saw a video somewhere where someone used a Telecaster for some jazz (usually so twangy it's like the anti-jazz guitar) and got a really genuine thick/warm/smooth jazzy tone from it.

On the flipside of that you might've heard about Fender Jazzmasters, intended for jazz, mainly being used by lots of alt-rock bands with loads of distortion.

So yeah, you can probably use most guitars for jazz, though guitars traditionally used for jazz will of course get you slightly closer to a more traditional jazz sound.

(i've probably never said 'jazz' so many times in a minute)
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I'm surprised no one mentioned a Telecaster yet. Telecasters work very in jazz on the neck pickup and tone rolled off a bit. It gets warm, but doesn't entirely lose its clarity. I play a Telecaster in a jazz combo and couldn't be happier. That said, most guitars with a neck pickup and a tone knob could suit your purposes. Also, your amp is very important when it comes to the tone. Go to a shop, and try out different guitars with an amp similar to the one you'll be playing.
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