Hi! I want to learn some songs (blue murder stuff) but its kinda hard to hear the guitar sometimes, so do you guys knows a program which can take the guitar ''out'' of the song?

Like out of the song itself or out of the tab playback of the song?

If you have guitar pro you can play back separate parts of the tab. It plays as midi or "real sound" though - it isn't the actual audio from the song.
Well its a song from a CD a got.. But i cant hear what hes playing in fx the chorus..
From my knowledge, the best you can do is use equalizer and make it pick up guitar frequency more than the other ones, so basically you'll just hear guitar better, but in total the song will sound much worse. I do now know what are the guitar frequencies and I really don't know what I'm talking about, but it works for me.
Don't have itunes or something like that, but I'm sure your mp3 player or whatever has the "equalizer" function, if not, you can copy the mp3/ogg/wav whatever file to your pc, and import it into some audio editor which HAS that function.
Its because theres is no guitar pro tabs og anything tabs at all for the songs, so im wandering if you could '''cut'' out the guitar so its only that you'll hear, or at least most..
You don't; Guitar Pro is MIDI. You'll never be able to isolate a guitar track of a song entirely without actually getting hold of the originally recorded studio files, or whatever.

Try messing around with EQ until the guitar track becomes more prominent but that's really all I can suggest.
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