ESP LTD M-207 7 string guitar w/ Floyd Rose Tremolo / Tradefor lefty guitar

This is a ESP LTD M-207 7 String guitar With:

A Floyd Rose Tremolo/ whammy bar included

Upgraded Bridge pickup .Dimarzio Evolution .

24 Fret Shark tooth inlay

This guitar is in good Condition .

I am a Left handed guirarist . I bought thig guitar with intentions to learn to play right handed . It just didnt work out so I would love to trade it for a lefty guitar.
i will also sell it for 300.00 plus shipping and will ship as soon as i recieve funds via paypal
Quote by PabloGilberto
Location and price/what you're after would be good my man!

Roger that...
i live in Albuquerque , New Mexico in the good ol' US of A
price is 300.00 plus shipping
I'm looking to trade it with another 7 string but for a lefty also guitar amps .
I really DO need to sell this . I'm staring to think about . routing out a area on my guitar to it can fit that floyd rose . but I'd rather not . so how does 200 bucks sound.

200.00 takes it it plus shipping if we cant meet .
I can accept pay pal
Please Close This Thread . I Would Like To Make A Better Described One .thanks