Hi guys, I'm wondering if it's normal to have a noticeable loss in tone with you placing any one, single effect between your guitar and your amp.

I use a Gibson Les Paul Studio or a Fender Custom Shop strat into a Genz Benz Black Pearl. I use Fulltone cables. I LOVE the "direct" sound into the amp. As soon as I put anything in front though, I can tell a treble loss. Now maybe it's just "in my head," but this is after numerous before/after tests, sitting and standing at various places in and around my amp in the studio. I've tried running Fulltone cables of 15' lengths and 10' lengths - same result every single time.

Here are my pedals: Fulltone Clyde, Korg Pitchblack tuner, Way Huge Aqua-Puss, Fulltone OCD. All are true-bypass, so this is weirdness. Also, the loss occurs if I plug in any ONE pedal; it's actually not noticeably worse the more pedals I patch in, but upon patching in just ONE pedal I'm hearing a drop in either the high or mid range.

It's not a terrible tone suck - I could live with it and have lived with it. But since I "know" it's there, it messes with me. LOL Has anyone else experienced something like this, and can anyone tell me if there might be "an easy fix" like adding a buffer or something?


The extra 3" of wire thats added by a single truebypass pedal IMO, isnt enough to cause any noticable tone loss.

But if your running an overall cable length of 25' that probably is.

Try a shorter cable from amp to pedal. Try just actually running a patch cable from the amp and stick the pedal on the amp itself.
Honestly, you're probably fooling yourself. The audio placebo effect is much stronger than most people realize.

But if there is a real effect, it's due to capacitance in the cables you're using, or in the switches since those pedals don't have line buffers that could be the problem. Either way, it's a TINY effect unless the cable runs are extremely long. Just turn up the treble on your amp 0.1 and realize that cork sniffing is unbecoming of a musician.
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Substitute the stage for the wire, and he's got it.
Why not try putting a cheap boss pedal in front and see if that helps? Their buffers are pretty good.

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