Unfortunately not me.

Last night my guitar instructer came by with a Hot Rod Deluxe that be bought for $100. I saw the ad for $200 but knew my wife would kill me if I brought home another amp. Turned out he saw it too and offered $100 after the reverb didn't work and the guy accepted.

I pulled the reverb and checked the circuit by plugging into the tank on my crate. Then I checked the ohms on the input and output of the bad one. The input was fine but the output was an open when it should have been 200 ohms. I was scratching my head on that one because I figured if anything should burn out it should be the input. So I put it back together as to not lose anything before he got another tank. And surprise to us it was working!

This is the first time I've played a Hot Rod and was impressed. What impressed me more was I ran my GNX4 into the recv of the FX loop and it sounded great. I tried a Fender Twin patch and it had an awesome chimey clean tone. Fortunately he left it with me to use for a while. So I got a new toy to play with. I offered him $150, but he declined I think he intends to use it with his GSP1101 into the loop recv when he gigs.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I'm no fan of the HRD, but for 100$, I'd take one anyday lol
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nice snag for your instructor and I'm sure he is happy to have you as a friend to troubleshoot things for you.
Yes, lucky he is. Two weeks ago he brought a new Schecter, a pair of P-Rails, and Triple Shot pup rings over for me to install. Fortunately a six pack of ale was in the goods.

BTW, the Triple Shot mounting rings are pretty cool. The have coil splitting switches in them and make coil split installation a breeze. You attach the pup wires to a small clearly labeled circuit board attached to the ring and it sticks to the back of the pup. Then then mounting ring wires go to the same place on the pots as the pups did. Even better the semi-hollow Schecter had extension wires from the pots so I didn't have to deal with extracting the pots, since there is no easy access.

You get parallel HB, serial HB, and choice of either single coil. The choice of either single coil is important for the P-Rails because 1/2 is a P-90 and the other half is a Rail. In this case the series HB and P-90 are the most important selection because botht he series HB and P-90s are the hottest outputs. Plus the rails are located closest to each other (away from the bridge and neck). Therefore there isn't a lot of differentiation between the neck and bridge rail selection.
a power tube upgrade, a speaker upgrade, replace the v1 with a 5751 and the phase inverter with a 5751 and that amp is a different animal entirely.
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i hate you. thats amazing.

yeah it really surprises me the lack of effort sometimes people have. soldering really isnt complex. doing basic solder work can save a ton of money. or stuff like that. simple mechanical knowledge can easily fix broken grear sometimes and get deals like this.
No kidding. I recently got a $400 Ibanez SZ520QM for $100 because the output jack had a solder blob shorting the signal and ground.
Craigslist is a mecca for sick deals. Some of the deals I've gotten on craigslist:

-traded a guitar I wasn't really using for a Mesa Dual Rectifier Half stack
-Schecter C1 Elite w/ HSC for $200 (GC had 'em for $699 without a case at the time)
-Johnson JM60 Marquis amp for $100 (they were $500 or so new)
-Jackson USA Dinky shattered glass - $400 w/HSC ($1400+ new)
-POD XT for $40
-Pedaltrain Pro Pedalboard SEALED in box $80 ($200 normally)

List goes on and on and on. Craigslist is the shizzle.
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