Hey guys. I got a Squier Stagemaster 7 in a trade recently. Thing is, the put an EMG 707 in the bridge and left in the stock pickup in. How much do you think I could sell this for? Its in almost mint condition. I have a Scarface Coffin Case I want to sell it with. How much do you think these two would bring? Btw Im selling to shrink my collection and fund a better amp.
Probably 50-60% of as much as what it was new. Thats the general price. You might be better off selling the EMG and guitar seperately.
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Stick the stock pickup back in, sell the two separately. If you haven't messed the EMG up too much, you could probably get around 60-70% of the new price for it. The Squier, depends where you live. If you're in America or Canada, I wouldn't expect more than $150 for it and that's if it's in good condition. Anywhere in Europe and it's worth a fair bit more since there aren't as many of them floating around here, so say £200 or so, maybe a little bit more if it's in really good condition.
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