How do you know when to switch chords when singing? How do you know what chords "match" with what lyrics/words?
Like for example, some tabs have the lyrics to a song with a chord on top of the words to the song, so that you know when to switch chords while singing, but some tabs don't: like this one http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/j/jason_derulo/in_my_head_ver4_crd.htm.
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Try getting the rhythm of the song. Observe/listen for patterns. Practice.
If you know how to read music and count rhythms, it might help to try and figure out what beat the chord switches on. Listen to the song again but don't listen to the singing, just listen to the chords and count along to the music "1, 2, 3, 4" (as long as the song is in 4/4). Listen to when the chord changes and see if it's right on the beat or between two beats. Also, unless you've already done so, make sure you practice just playing the chords without singing if you're having trouble singing and playing at the same time.
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I find that playing along with an actual recording of a song first helps alot. Try playing along with the actual recording so you can hear the lyrics as you play, that helps me know where things go and how they fit. Then when your more comfortable try singing and playing with the song playing then try without the song playing in the background.