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This is my first post on the Ultimate Guitar Forums I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this guitar I was thinking of buying?


It looks lush, but at the moment I'm not able to find any reviews about it on the web anywhere :S If anyone had any info about this guitar E.g. Where it was made (I think it's Mexican but I'm not sure) And if it plays well, action, pickups y'know that sort of stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

american standards in that color have a 2 point bridge. that's probably a MIM strat.
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looks like an MIM - 21 frets and like gregs said its got a different bridge. Still a decent guitar though.
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For £425 new, its definitely mexican. Standard americans are about £800, with deluxes about £1000 according to google shopping. Other models include the highway one. Mexicans usually go for £400-500 new. You should be able to find reviews. Google produced the following:
If you need more, try harmony central, they have reviews on just about everything.
The fender strat is the original "strat" guitar. Any strats that arent fender are just copies (apart from squier obv) and so if you want a "true" strat then fender is the way to go. I played a standard strat (not HSS) and it was brilliant - plays well, nice sound, action can be adjusted so i wont comment on that. I doubt you will be able to find a better strat for less. Also check out other fender strats, like the highway one series. Only about a hundred quid more, so a good alternative. Also, shop around, as ive seen fender strats go for £400, but they were the standard SSS.
Hope this helps!

EDIT: Also, fender do floyd rose versions for £500.
Highway one models are about £550, but have more features like 22 frets instead of 21. Also, strat style guitars are very mod-able. If you want to upgrade it in the future it will be easy. Also, i have a MIM tele, absolutely outstanding. Great value and fantastic sound.

So yeh, strats rock
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Thank You!
I'm going to have a look around I seeing as I only have a budget of £400-£450. Thanks again

Found it cheaper:
20 quid cheaper if you get it in wine red, worth considering unless you're set on that colour. That was found just by looking at the first page of google, some deeper searching and you may be able to go cheaper. Plus, after trying out a MIM tele in a shop i said i'd found it £100 cheaper elsewhere. Although he couldnt drop the price, he chucked in over £100 worth of stuff for free, so thats also worth bearing in mind.