So I'm going to build a small amp based on the MS-2 Design and need to a schematic and list showing components and stuff anyone got one?

I search barred, googled and pmed slaying but no reply yet and couldn't find anything else

If anyones got a copy that would be awesome... Also could I buy all components for ~£20 does anyone know?



I think Jim had one, and you could also check out The Noisy Cricket or some of General Guitar Gadget's Amps they have a schematic for another popular small amp called the Ruby Amp.


Thanks, I have seen the ruby but I'm more after the marshall's tone and characteristics, I'll check the noisy cricket thing though thanks.

Also I heard Jim has one but I don't know if he'd check his PMs..


^ Good one mate

You're gonna get a much more marshally sound out of a Ruby than an MS; there's nothing marshally but the logo

I'll sell you one for a tenner and save you the trouble if you want one though
I get several PMs a day so i check them several times a day for replies and such.

Here's the schem. Honestly, this schem has nothing to do with the "marshall tone" from looking at it. It's just a transistor gain stage for the OD and straight into the tonestack and a little 1W amplifier chip for the clean stage.

I have all the parts ready to build one (including a nos NPN germanium transistor) but idk yet.

okay so I guess I'll ask the real pros - which build will give me the most cost effective best tone small amplifier?


Also can anyone remind me what the name of the amplifier parts shop in nottingham is? it's name has slipped my memory..

EDIT: nevermind i found it (it's hotrox incase anyone needs to know)


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