Is it ok to plug in an electric guitar(using an adapter) to the 3.5mm Line-In of my computer motherboard?

I don't have a special sound card.

Thank you :-)
its not going to hurt anything if thats what your asking, it wont sound good at all though.
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Only if you have a line-in with a preamp, and very few computers do. Do yourself and favor and spend the money for a good Firewire input.
Yes you can do it and nothing bad will happen. I've done it several times just to see what it sounds like. You just have to set you windows setting to play your line-in through your pc speakers so you can hear it. It will sound low though and you'll probably have to crank your pc speakers up all the way to hear it at a decent level but i'm sure you could use a program like Audacity to adjust the levels. There is also a second or 2 delay from when you strum to when you can hear it on your pc, may just be my pc but theres always a lag when I do it.
Plug it into the microphone jack (has a rudimentary preamp). It'll work, but it's going to sound like crap once you add effects to that signal (especially distortion). Works well for cleans though, I've done that for quite some time until I got a nice USB audio interface.