will a dual terror with a 2x12 cab be loud enough for small/medium pub gigs?
i play smallish-medium pub gigs with my dual terror and probably don't use half of whats on offer volume wise as well venues any larger than that tend to mic up through the PA so theres no problem how big/small your amp is
the idea with lower wattage amps, is so that you can crank them, to breakup level, so you will be able to play medium sized gigs, but you'll have to whack the volume up a bit more than you would with a larger amp, with more headroom.

btw, i would literally kill for a dual terror right now, and a nice cab to run it through....i played one at a music shop near me, and it absolutely slays my valveking combo, haha.
i love mine just playing it through an orange 1X12 cab atm thinking it's about time i got a 2X12 though