I use GarageBand to compose my music and in the past I've found myself creating each part of the song by using the midi kits as the drum, keyboard, and bass portions of the song. A problem is it is very time consuming and many times sounds nowhere near as good as a live instrument would sound.

I also can play drums, keyboard, and bass guitar fairly well so I considered actually buying a drum set, bass guitar, and better keyboard to compensate. This will get expensive as you can imagine.

Does anyone have a more feasible solution for this? Maybe a tip on how you create your drum/bass grooves for your songs/covers.

Thanks everyone!
If you have the money, buying each individual instrument would get you the best sound, if you don't, salgala's idea would work ok.

You can also find some pretty cheap drum sets, My brother bought one for a little over $100 dollars, but it is missing a few drums and cymbals, and it's tiny, and it doesn't sound the best, but I think it would sound better then a keyboard, or the kit on the computer.

I also got my bass for $100, and it works pretty good. If you have all the stuff you need to plug instruments in your computer, you don't have to buy an amp for it either, so you'd only be looking at around 200 - 250 bucks!
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