A while ago I made the mistake of taking off all the guitar strings when i was changing them out. I put them back on and found I couldn't get the guitar in tune. So, i took it to a guitar shop to get it fixed. Well, ever since I got it back I can only go in standard and drop d and can't use the whammy at all, it is maxed out. The only way to tune the guitar is to pull the whammy so that it is all the way out, which means I can't use it. I also can't tune the guitar half step down. Just doesn't stay in tune. How do I fix this?

I read some things about springs, but I don't exactly know what to do. Any help?
that sounds to me like a truss rod problem i need to get mine adjusted atm mine stays in D tuning and my whammy doesnt work to well either i would get the truss rod readjusted or the springs in the back probly need to be loosened or tightened
Take your guitar to a proper store and tell them exactly what you want it to do.

It sounds like you either don't understand what the shop did/what you asked them to do, or the shop did a terrible job.

What did you ask them to do for you?
Go on the fender or Squier website. There are complete instruction's on how to set-up your guitar. It's not that hard.

Did you change the string size on your guitar ? For example ,if you went from 9's to 10's ,you will have to adjust the trem claw or add spring's.

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