im trying to decide which one to get! i do have a esp ec 401, i play hardcore and metal, mainly looking for a guitar to leave down tuned, anyone used either? how do they compared? cheers
basicly they are the same, but different shapes, a les paul and SG other wise they are pretty much going to be the same, me personally id go with the EC, but go out and try them if you can
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viperr way beter access to the 24 fret yo
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I own an LTD EC1000 and have owned a LTD Viper 400. The EC feels better in my hands but damn I miss that Viper. Since you already have an EC 401 I would go for the Viper.
I played an EC 1000 at Guitar Center. Sounded great through a Peavey 6505. The neck was amazing as well. Access to the 24th fret wasn't amazing, but it wasn't near as bad as a Jackson Kelly. Btw, if you get the EC-1000, get the VB. By far the sexiest.
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I'll say that their strat-style models are a lot more fun to play. The access is great, and you can't deny how great they look. I'd suggest the MH-1000
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I'd say Viper for the fret access and the fact you have an EC-401
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Viper definitely. The viper has more of thick, sharp tone and is perfect with the EMG 81/85 pickups. The eclipses have a more hollow and through tone (and since you already have one) it probably wouldnt be a better choice of the two. And the viper would probably sound better tuned down than the EC.
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I went from the EC to the MH-1000 and i'd reccomend the MH for sure. It feels better than the EC did.

will handle the lower tunings better than the viper and the EC cuz of the scale length
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ESP Horizon or ESP M II if you want a strat shape.
the mh-1000 can't compare with those.
I agree with the longer scaled length for lower tunings. The EC-1000 in Drop C was flopping all over the place even with beefy's on it. The MH on the other hand is fine.
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ESP Horizon or ESP M II if you want a strat shape.
the mh-1000 can't compare with those.

But of course, if you wana talk about high end guitars, they cant compare to ltd in a good way.
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