I bought an electric guitar today and I'll buy an amplifier next week.

As for now, I plug in my guitar to the computer,

How do I make guitar rig software amplify my guitar and add some distortion?
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How do I make guitar rig software amplify my guitar and add some distortion?

Give more information about your setup or we won't be able to tell anything.
Audio Interface?

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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What do you mean setup?

PC specs, sound hardware, where do you plug in your guitar, etc. Setup meant as in "stuff you've set up to be your computer"

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Audio Interface?

More or less a high quality sound card. There are relatively cheap ones from brands like Tascam. I have the 'Session I/O' from Native Instruments that I got with the GuitarRig + Session I/O bundle.
If I understand you correctly, It's just an ADI® AD1988B sound card that comes with the motherboard (Asus P5E).

I plug in my guitar(Gibson SG Special Faded) straight into the computer's Line-In,
I have an adapter from PL to 3.5mm.

Btw, as for now - I tune my guitar with Guitar Rig - the software receives the guitar's signal.
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You need a sound card that supports ASIO system and an interface (where you plug in your guitar) possibly with balanced impedance inputs. You also need some kind of an amplifier to which the signal from your sound card goes (it can be a hifi amp). All this dont come cheap so if you are not set to make music on your computer you might just wait for your amp.
I tried Peavey Revalver - and it worked.

but dunno why this Guitar Rig doesn't
Oh! found the problem,
The OUTPUT Devices was not configured in the software...

Thanks guys !