I Have a JS32T Rhoads, that I am wanting to get some upgrades on, so I thought I would start with the Pick ups. I really like the tone I get off 81-85, I have Those on my other guitar. But, I wanted to know if there are any better pick ups for around the same price.

TLDR: I need to find good pick ups for A Jackson JS32T Rhoads.
That would all be personal pref.

You like the 81/85......I don't.....so you are going to get a lot of diff answers.

Do you want active? Passive? what type of music do you play? Amp?
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I mean if you like the 81/85 I would try the 81x/85x, as they are supposed to have even more headroom than the regular 81/85 PU's

I have an EMG passive PU but it has active circuitry to boost the PU's signal. I like it a lot better than the actives.
Jackson RR24M - EMG ALX w/ ABQ installed
Ibanez Xiphos - stock
LTD Alexi 600 - stock
Ibanex RG - Tone Zone(bridge), PAF Pro(neck)
Blackstar HT-20H
Fulltone OCD
MXR 10 Band EQ
maybe try the SD blackouts?
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dude Blackouts are sick

but i you have to go emg i would say 81/60
If you are thinking of EMG's because of the bands you like, then you are probably listening to 81/60 and 81/85 sets. I use both and I like them running at 18v but some people say they dont hear a difference.
I have the 18v in all of my guitars with Emgs and I can hear a difference..

But if you are going to get EMGs and you already have the 81/85 mix it up and get a 85/60 (you'll have to buy individually) with the 85 going in the bridge and the 60 in the neck.
pretty sure the 81 goes in the bridge and the 85/60 in the neck, not the other way around
Yeah, that's the "norm".. The 60 wouldn't work in the bridge, but the 85 is a really good fit in the bridge not just the 81 or 89..

from the EMG website "The 85 has a higher output and is more aggressive than the 81."

I have a 85 / 60 combo in the guitar I keep in standard / drop D tuning and it sounds pretty awesome in my opinion, adds alot of low end. I've tried it in the guitar I have in drop A and it sounds like poop.. It's just something you have to mess around with and see if it fits your style.

And there are guitars that come stock with an 81/81 combo so to say that an 81 only belongs in the bridge or an 85 can't go anywhere else than the neck is absurd.
If you don't like the sound of the 81/85 why bother getting another set of EMG's?

There are other pickup manufacturers, hell you may find you just don't like active pickups at all.

Try out some good passive pickups instead, a lot more organic sounding and you can get passives with similar output levels to actives.

Actives are not always the answer.
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I play death metal, always thought actives were best. However after a few posts on here I realize that is not the case.

look into bareknuckle pickups. Depending on what style of metal you play and what tone your looking for i would recommend the "Painkiller" or the Ceramic "Warpig"

Check out these links for audio samples: http://bareknucklepickups.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=13249.0 (Warpig)

http://bareknucklepickups.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=13664.0 (painkiller)

you can check out their other pickups for the neck. The warmest ive heard is the Holydiver
the Emg 60 sounds better in the neck thatn the 85, imo. you could try the Seymor Duncon Black outs aswell, you coud even go as far as the Mick Thompson ones, but i hear those don't do highs very well at all,
and the EMGx stuff, you could try those too
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