Hey UG! I'm selling a Washburn Force 4 Bass guitar on ebay here.

It comes equipped with two Washburn-manufactured active pickups and a nice gig bag. This guitar has never been gigged but has signs of wear on the headstock and by the jack socket.
The guitar itself features:

Mahogany body
Maple/mahogany laminate neck thru body
Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay
24 frets
34" scale
Washburn ABT active electronics
Grover die cast bass tuners
A list price of $879.90

Gig Bag: GB6, Included
This is a fantastic guitar which produces a distinctive warm tone, but can be manipulated to produce any sound from death metal to slap bass tones.
Postage IS available at £14.69 to the UK mainland only.

Thanks for reading! Send questions via ebay preferentially, i'm not on UG very often.
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