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Feel free to make me offers, but I'm looking for price's close to what I have listed. danny_edwards@hotmail.co.uk

Clearing out my music room. Based in Liverpool, willing to ship at the buyers expense.


Encore Strat - £40. Surprisingly nice to play, doesn't sound too bad either. Would make a great project if you want to do it up.

Squier Strat Affinity 20th Anniversary Limited Edition - £100. - Cherry Red, rosewood fret board. My first guitar, and it really is lovely to play. Nothing like most of those squiers out there. Could use a new scratchguard to make it look better.

70's Satellite Les Paul Copy - £40. Ideal for a project. Saw one for £100 in a shop in Brighton last week. At the moment it's stringless so I don't know what's going on with it, needs a bit of tending to if i recall correctly.

PRS SE Tremonti - £200. Lovely black finish. Selling this for a friend so don't know much a bout it. No flaws that affect playability OR the looks though.

DSL GEG-25-17-3 Guitar Strap - £30. Brown leather, padded strap. So comfy to wear and it's BRAND NEW! It doesn't fit me though and Curlys Music in Liverpool have a no refunds policy on guitar straps. It cost me £39, never used.


Kustom KGA 10 - £30. Little practice amp, 2 channels. Clean channel sounds good but I'm not a fan of the distortion built in.


Premier Olympic Drum Kit Shell Pack - £95. This is the bass drum, and 3 tom shells. Fitted with premier skins

Zildjian 18" Oriental China Trash - £160ono. New condition, not been used at all. Make me some offers.

Premier Hi-Hat Stand - £30. Brand new, never used.

Mirage Snare with stand - £30. Used but great sound and condition.

2x Stagg Heavy Duty Straight Cymbal Stands - £25 each. Both for £45. Brand new, never used.

Sabian Solar 16" - £15. Good condition, great sound for the price. Needs a little wipe.

Stagg CX 16" - £10. Good condition, great sound for the price again.

Sabian B8 Pro 20" Ride - £45. Very good condition, amazing sound. Beautiful stage performance. Sad to let this one go but I've upgraded to a paiste 2002.

Stagg 14" Hi-Hats - £10 for the pair. Pristine condition, great sound for the price. bargain.

Sonar Pedal - £20. Bought new for £65 and still in great condition. Great action, but once again I've upgraded to Axis.

Fender Starcaster 14" Hi-Hats & 16" Crash - £10 for the lot. A bit of wear but you can't complain at that price.

Premier Heavy Duty Cymbal Stand - £20. Brand new, but without top half of stand.


Pietro 24 bass - £60. Got a vintage Pietro 24 bass accordion. I'm no accordion expert, but it certainly makes noise fine. Sounds in tune etc. The only problem is one of the straps is not fitted properly. Could be fixed easily I'm sure.

Welsh Bugle - £12. A bugle from the Welsh army if I'm correct. Bought this from eBay for about £18 and don't have a clue how to play the thing. Looks great as an antique but it deserves a better home!

If I find anything else around I'll stick it on.

you looking at any trades? I'm interested in the tremonti....
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I'd pay for the international shipping if you sent the Tremonti signature to me in America.
It's black with a cream trim. Looks very nice actually, it's also got a black pickguard (might look better with a cream one). I can upload a pic for you now.
Where would it be shipped to? I would prefer pickup - also so you can try before you buy - but if it's necessary I will

Just so you know, it is not being sold as a playable guitar. It is ideal for a project, and coming from the 70's you know it will be better quality than todays cheap models.

Here's some pictures of the Satellite Les Paul:

Machin05, I recommend you email me if you are interested so we can talk properly.
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might consider it if it was a good trade - what were you thinking of?

Epiphone Explorer upgraded to ESP pickups?
TC Ellis Custom Series 2
Gibson Les Paul Studio Platinum edition

Korg Pitchblack, Vox V847 wah
Blackstar HT40
Ah, no thanks. Not a fan of their shape really. I'm looking for a tube amp 30w+ if anyone has one to trade. Willing to pay cash and items off that list. Combo or head/cab, whatever.
I'm in Wolverhampton. I'm just mulling this one over. I don't know if I have enough free time to take on another project just at the moment. If you still have it in a few weeks or so I'll hit you up.
It looks pretty cool, has some character, would be a lot happier if I knew what was/wasn't working on it though....
As seen in the picture, one of the pot heads is missing. It would benefit from a new nut because the one on there isn't very good. Needs some soldering (I think it's the rhythm/lead part that is dodgy), as it only works in the rhythm position. The other pickup does work, it's just the 'lead' thing isn't wired up properly.

Think they are the only problems, won't cost much at all to repair.

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Zoom 606 Guitar Effects Pedal - £30. Comes with power supply. Got every effect you will ever need!
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I'll post pictures of the strat later today.