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The Graphtech GHOST system is pretty highly regarded as a peizo system since it is modular allowing other components of theirs to simply plug in like a master switch, and a MIDI preamp/13-pin jack and so on. It won't sound IDENTICAL to the one in the video since its a different (and IMO better quality) pickup system, but the general idea is the same throughout. I've heard it on a number of occasions and it sounds full, not thin. I'm currently saving up for a guitar in which to install these, but guaranteed I will.
Ya i am looking at getting these in a dean ml or my esp strat it just looks very hard to install and i will have to research it. Thanks for the link it will help a lot
they aren't hard to install at all, you just unscrew your old saddles, screw these on and feed the wires through. They plug in to the preamp without soldering. the only thing you will have to solder is the output jack, and possibly the volume pot, which are both incredibly easy, you really should be ok installing these.