I dont think the Fender trems are as dynamic as the Floyds are... dont quote me though, I dont spend too much time with my trem on.
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you can do a lot of stuff, you'll just go out of tune quickly
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If you use locking tuners, you should be able to. Otherwise, intonation might be a problem.

No it won't, it's got nothing to do with intonation.

Will probably go out of tune though.
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You can do Dive Bombs but most non-locking trems can't do pull-ups.
With locking tuners you should be able to stay in tune, but don't try to do Vai like tricks.
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With locking tuners you should be able to stay in tune, but you can't do Vai like tricks.

Fix'd for you.

The biggest difference between a Fender tremolo and an FR or any of its bastard spawn is that the FR and its children can raise the pitch of the note, whereas the Fender bridge can only lower the pitch. Hence, a lot of Vai's fluttering, harmonics, and the like would be difficult if not impossible to do. Plus, most guitars which I've seen with a Fender-style bridge don't have locking tuners stock, so unless you've put those on after market, you're gonna go out of tune really fast doing dive bombs.
You will be able to do dive bombs, you won't be able to do like pull the bar in the opposite direction. After a few years of doing heavy dive bombs then your guitar will start going out of tune. There not really designed to do Dive bombs but can still be achieved.
On my american strat when it came... the tremolo was actually floating... which is i hear what they're trying to do on all guitars now in the american range.
I went to town on that thing and it still stayed in tune... The only problem was that hot weekend about a month ago in the UK the heat expanded my strings so much the bridge stopped floating and now if i wanted it that way again i'd have to get my tech to do it ... Bad times
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There not really designed to do Dive bombs but can still be achieved.

When they came out with the trems, there was no such thing as a dive-bomb.
It was basically only designed with the idea of using it for smooth, light vibrato.
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