New EP from Project Commodity

you can hear it streaming at [http://www.myspace.com/projectcommodity]

First seven tracks in the playlist.

Also, I need some advice on releasing this as a collective body.

What kinds of things would be desirable in a digi-pack? (So far I have compiled artwork, pdf artwork/lyrics, songs in MP3, flac, Mp4, and 24 bit WAVS)

What are my options for offering this as a download (where would I host this?)

* I am not looking to make any money, just a chance to share this with others.

Anyways, please let me know what you think... what needs work?

I am trying to demo this EP first to see if this is strong enough. Each song will need additional mixing as of now, but as a general idea, how does it sound?

Much thanks!
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Thanks. I like it. very unique. kind of a combo between alice in chains-pink floyd- with a little Nine inch nails thrown in
Thanks for the listen,

We are currently in the studio working on our first official release, so if you're interested, check back for more updates. All releases will be free.
defintiely will be doing that. showed you guys to a couple friends who liked it as well
For a short time, we will be giving away free physical copies (including lyric book, artwork, ect), to anyone who downloads the EP. For anyone who has (or will) download the Ep, send us an email at projectcommodity@live.com with your shipping information. The Physical copy will be completely free of charge, and we will pick up the shipping costs.

Thanks again
Hey man... Id love to listen to ur music, but it wont let me... any ideas???
I thnkwe all know why I'm here...
I liked it, sounds good, chill and I liked the bass lines, if I had to pick a favorite it was Deadworld and The Land of Sight and Sound.
F.A.T.E.-Forget About The Evil
Quote by The K-Man
Hey man... Id love to listen to ur music, but it wont let me... any ideas???

Hmm... I'm not sure what exactly the issue would be, does the player on the bandcamp site load? You can always download the entire EP, it allows you to download the tracks in pretty much any format you desire (im not sure if it would cause any problem for you when streaming it on the site, but they are loaded as flacs... if this were an issue, downloading the EP with your choice of format would eliminate the problem). If you are trying to access the songs from the myspace link, that page is dated (dead?), so I would suggest going to the bandcamp site rather.

Also, with the download of the free digital EP, you will also receive a free physical copy via mail. After downloading the EP, you will receive an email from us with more information (it is absolutely free, we take care of any shipping costs as well.)

GVA_f.a.t.e., thank you for the listen and of course the same goes for anyone and everyone.

Also, we have received many emails regarding just how "free" the EP is, and how, with us working with a label, can we release this for free?

The EP, as stated before, is completely and absolutely free, this includes shipping costs... no hidden costs ANYWHERE....free

As for our situation with the label, I wish I could completely answer that question, but the truth is, we are currently in a tricky spot. This EP contains material currently unrelated to what we are working on in the studio. This was recorded from our home studio that we created. This way, we had complete creative control in the recording process, there was no power struggle that way.

Another reason is, as our name suggests, music, to us, is an expression, our view of the world. I make music to share my perspective, to make connections with the world around me, not to make a profit. As long as I can make music and share it with others freely (As long as I have the financial means to do so), I will do it that way. If my music invokes a certain feeling in someone, provides any kind of escape, or the ideas can somehow be applicable to someone's life (or hell, if someone simply enjoys what they hear), to me that is far more rewarding than any kind of tangible revenue. For anyone who will come along for the ride, we appreciate it, and I assure you, it will be one hell of a ride.

As far as the Physical copies go, I would simply provide the order form on the bandcamp site, but unfortunately it requires that a minimum amount (00.10) be paid. Bandcamp provides me with download information, so I do have the emails of everyone who has downloaded the EP, and let me just say I greatly appreciate all of the downloads/interest/support. The only issue would be that I need shipping information from everyone in order for me to send them the physical copy. I will be sending an email to everyone with more detailed information. In the mean time, if you are interested in the physical copy, drop us an email at projectcommodity@live.com with your information.

Thanks again