Okay im a beginer. I have an Epiphone GT 2 special an a Korg CA-1 chromatic tuner but i can get it to tune right an theres no lessons on youtube for it. The tuner will say its in D then 5 min later without haved changed anything itll say something completely different. Any advice would really help.
Ok. Is your guitar plugged into the Tuner?
Does the Cable Work?
Does the Tuner Have batteries?
Is your volume are your guitar turned all the way up?
Is the killswitch ( i think those guitars have them) activated?
If all that is ok thats what happens with cheap whammy bars
whats the number on it? not sure of the specific name... all i know is it should be 440

and cheap whammy bars de-tune the guitar like crazy, hence why i took mine off my ibanez.
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How do you have your strings strung? They may be slipping, or aren't stretched enough yet.
what tuning are you using and what size strings are you using? Is your guitar just slipping out of tune? is your guitar strung correctly?

all these questions are very important