I cant seem to get a sound out of my voice that Im happy with, i used to do a stupid accent thing with my voice, but I stopped that, but Im still not happy with how it sounds, I dont know what I can do. Any tips, suggestions, or even compliments if you like it ((doubt you will)) please tell me because I want to get better and I wanna be a good lead singer for my band. I put up a recording on my profile called Better Today, its from my bands last live show. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/rg37/ Thank you
It's really not too bad, not great, but decent. Sounds like your voice is pretty immature. Like Tom DeLonge's from earlier blink-182 albums like Dude Ranch, but a bit deeper. Just keep working on it and practicing, it'll get better.
you need to relax. you have "weight" on your voice when you shouldn't at all. Think of singing like talking, except longer durations and smoother speech. Use the same muscles as if you are talking with somebody.

Hopefully that little tip helps somewhat
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