Hey guys, selling some of this stuff to fund an amp build...

I know people aren't often fans of this amp but it's pretty good for a practice amp and plenty loud for small gigs if you can find your tone, metal and crunch channels are pretty nice, so is clean with a bit of reverb, the insane is a bit too touchy..

I've got some pics here.. Includes power plug don't worry...

Also I'm selling a couple of behringer pedals (an automated wah and a distortion).. I don't have pics but they're fully working...

The models are Behringer UW300 and Behringer OD100

Both the pedals are £25 new but I'll sell them for 18 each (exclusive of postage as that's variable) and they are as new..

Please offer for the Amp..

Feel free to post or PM

Pm any trade ideas..


I forgot to mention I'm based in Leeds and I'll clean up all the stuff (dog hair gets about) before shipping it off/letting you pick up..


Bump, please feel free to offer trades cause i'm looking for some new gear soon!


Bump I also have some good sets of speakers up for sale with their tweeters.