Hey all

here's something experimental i started on today but I've run out of ideas , any suggestions??

let me know, sweet dudes
I wasn't sure about it to start with, but as soon as it hit the main riff, I knew it was going to be awesome haha I especially love that sweet solo you got there!

It is weeping with potential, please finish this haha

As for ideas, just because its prog, doesn't mean you can't repeat stuff: the main riff and the prog part spring to mind.

If you were going to make it reasonably long song you could consider putting in a melodic soft middle section with a build up.

Also it might be worth adding a more energetic section, most of it has a quite half-time feel, but there is a lot of energy behind it that needs releasing at some point.

Erm, that's all I got, I may just be talking rubbish, but I hope it helps.
Very nice solo section, I really liked it.

I think a few of the other riffs lack what the solo pulled off though, melody! The bass line plus the leads on the solo section really make a full, pleasant sound, whereas the main riff, which is really sweet as a backing riff, I could see a simple melody, most likely vocal melody or guitar melody, fit damn well on top of that, would be cool if you implement that in your piece!

The prog part though, just as chords, has plenty of melody, and it sounds really cool.

I'm really liking this, I had a go at writing a really really short idea for a direction it could go in... check it out, hoping it might inspire you to continue your piece, I'd like to hear more of it! I didn't complete my idea because I don't really want to compose on top of your song, I just wanted to see if the rhythmic idea or the groove might inspire something of your own.

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