Okay, so lets start with my gear.
I have:
Amp - Fender Princeton Chorus
Guitar - Ibanez RG3EXFM1
Pedal - Digitech Death Metal

Okay, I just bought this today for use with more heavy songs that I've been playing lately because my cheap Danelectro FAB Distortion pedal ain't cuttin' it. Now whenever I use the pedal, my amp just screeches, literally screeches, only when I use the pedal, and no, it's not maxed out in volume or nothing like that. It doesn't screech when it's set to real low settings on everything, but if I even turn it up to just a decent level it screeches and I don't know if it has to do with the action on my guitar or if it's something in the pedal, but I need help to stop the screeching!

Note: I do not know how to adjust the action on this guitar either. Anyone know how to?
Probably feed back. Try not standing so close to your amp. It doesn't have to do with action on the guitar.
EDIT: For the adjusting action thing check in electric guitar forum for the ultimate string changing/setup thread
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Oh ok. It probably is feedback, didn't think of that. Thanks for the help guys, I'll see if that works now.
Face away from your amp, stand a fair distance away too.
If you're wanting to use quite a lot of gain on the pedal make sure you're on the clean channel of the amp, because if you have distortion on both that can 'cause feedback.
you are using it on the clean channel right???
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Yeah, you guys were right it was feedback, and yes, it was a clean channel, no chorus or overdrive on, and no other pedals attached. I moved the guitar about 5 feet away from the amp (used to be only about 3 ft away b/c room is so small) so that totally helped the feedback problem. Thanks a bunch guys, now I need like 5 ibuprofens lol.