The song Kate's Corpse Orchard I've been working on kinda gave me an idea that maybe I should do like 10 songs all focused on stories like that of the Bloody Benders and other infamous people. I find its easier for me to write when I have a subject to focus on instead of just coming up with random topics. I also think the subject matter is perfect for a Deathmetal or Deathcore type project. So what do you guys think? The only problem I could see is that maybe this type of lyric is a little cliche because a whole freaking genre is doing it, but atleast its not apocolyptic or focused on sadist Ideals or even christian ideals, which are totally cliche for the genre. It also has a basis in reality which for me is more appropriate than writing about alot of the other crap that is common in the genre. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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