Right now I play a B-52 st 6012. While it's a good amp, and I love it's distortion it doesn't get the cleans I want. I'm thinking about trading it in for a clean amp and using a pedal for my distortion. I like a lot of progressive rock so I want to be able to get great cleans and high gain preferably from the same amp with the use of a distortion pedal. In the amp I'd like 2x12 or 2x10 but I'll settle for a single speaker, an effects loop, 50 or more solid state watts or 30+ tube, and a good reverb. For the pedal I'd like it to have two gain levels. I'm looking at trying to keep it under $600 for both, can it be done, and what would you suggest?
That's a lot to ask for that price. I mean sure you can get everything you want for $600, but it's not going to be super high quality or anything.

I'd check out Bugera. I know people mention them all the time, but they're reasonably well priced, and the rep just brought some stuff in to the store the other day ... I had never heard one in person before, and I liked it quite a lot, considering the price tag.

You could also do what I did ... get a decent head and a good pedal, and buy a cheap 2x12 cabinet, with the intent of upgrading the speakers later. Be sure to hold onto the cheaper speakers, so you can put them back in and sell it when you eventually buy a nice cabinet. If you have some good places to look for bargains, the second way is the way to go. I picked up a really ugly homemade 2x12 for 80 bucks, since for the price it really wasn't worth making one myself. The speakers got upgraded later, and I'll redo the tolex and grill cloth when I get around to it. Someday.
I'll have to check in to Bugera I keep hearing great things about them but no where near by carries them. I've found a couple pedals that look good for around $200 so I figured $400 for a no frills clean amp would be do able, and I have no problem with buying used.

That blackstar looks amazing. Might be worth saving the extra for.
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a booger 333XL or 6262 will do all that. If you don't want HIGH gain, and are okay with Medium gain (by todays standards), a new Bugera 1990 would be good, or a used marshall JCM900.
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What stlyes do you play?

Give us some bands.
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I recently have been playing the Egnater Rebel 30 (small gigs, vertically stacked with matching 112x cabinet) and the Egnater Renegade 212 & 410 combos. While these amps sell for much more at retail, I have picked these amps up a prices under $600 both used and "scratch-n-dent".

Both of these Egnaters have awesome clean channels and very nice high gain tones (although the Rebel is "smoother" to my ear, more like overdrive).

The Renegades have 65 watts of all-tube power and have a number of features that make them my choice for live gigs where space is not a problem. For small clubs I LOVE the Rebel 30 112 combo.

Both of these Egnater series amps are also available in head format.

While its clean channel isn't quite as good as the Egnaters, the Bogner Alchemist series (I have a 212 version that is very nice, again acquired for under $600) is also a very credible high gain amp with a good clean channel. It isn't quite as nicely appointed with "live music"-oriented features as the Egnater Renegade and doesn't have as much power but is a well-built and great sounding alternative in the same basic category.


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