Hello guys This is my very first composition its written in reason and it contain lots of use of modes arpeggios and classical instruments. I still think Ive put my whole heart in it and i hope that you find it very interesting Peace and if you want I could crit some of your stuff aswell Ps Im a shred guitarist and this is my side project (No gutiar all classical stuff)
First off, kudos on taking on a symphonic arrangement. There's some pretty cool shit in there, to put it crassly. I loved the swirling piano line, and the violins came in at just the right moments. Also, as someone who has to play tuba from time to time in the youth orch. i'm in, I'd go crazy for that tuba solo. Very cool stuff. I understand that this is supposed to be the sweeping movement of the orchestra, but some more changes in dynamics would make that a lot neater sounding. I'm imagining this during the staccato violin/piano call and response during the middle of the song.

At any rate, that was a pretty boss song, and kudos to your for writing that.

C4C? WAY simplier than what you pulled off here lol

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