Well I am not hurting for the money but this guitar gets no play time anymore so up for sale is my Tacoma made in the USA all Koa Ekk19-ce. This acoustic has solid koa sides, back, top and a mahogany neck. The binding is tortoise shell and this guitar does have an LR Braggs or Fishman matrix endpin electronics. This kept the guitar from having that ugly eye soar known as the barn door, on this beauty. I'm asking $1330 shipped. The sound of this acoustic is wonderful. Plenty of bass with plenty of treble minus the too much tingy sound some people complain that taylors have. Honestly its a great playing/beautiful looking guitar. I AM ACCEPTING OFFERS AS WELL!!

*Also note while looking over the guitar I noticed a little bit of finish bubbling near the tortoise shell binding on the one side. I will try and get pics of it. Its not a huge blemish but I want to keep everything honest and open.

Pics are below.....


Thanks for looking!! =)
Dont be afraid to make a fair offer and I would consider it as I need to move some equipment
the peeling is a big and habitual problem in Tacomas, my experience and my mechanics tell me. (I've posted on that) that said, your instrument is beautiful. How big is it, like the bouts, and how is the sound? I have a small rosewood jumbo that is pretty wooden, though that may be because they sprayed thick coat of finish.
So: Year of Manufacture? Sound (Is it vibrant, singing?)? Size? Location? Thanks.
Ineterested. I'm new at posting and replying....Sorry. vh
Hey sorry this guitar has sold already. I have a breedlove northwest for sale that is an amazing guitar but is also an expensive one.